Find out how much your property value has increased.

Has your net worth skyrocketed in the last few years? Many people are unaware of the changes that have occurred in the real estate market over the past 4 to 5 years. Since around 2019, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been experiencing a supply shortage of available real estate across the country, especially here in South Central PA. This shortage means that with housing supply being very low and demand either steady or increasing, home prices have been driven up.

In the last four to five years, due to this supply shortage, we’ve seen some of the highest appreciation rates in Cumberland and Dauphin counties. This trend represents the most growth I’ve witnessed in my 43 years. As a result, many homeowners are sitting on more equity than they realize.

If you own a home and have for the last few years, you likely have more equity than you imagined. To determine your next steps, it’s important to get a free equity evaluation. This can be done through a certified appraisal, especially if you’re not planning to sell your property. We can connect you with an appraiser for this service.

“If you own a home and have for the last few years, you likely have more equity than you imagined.”

On the other hand, if you’re considering tapping into your equity to downsize, upsize, or move forward in your homeownership journey, you can get a free home value estimate from one of our agents. Our team conducts 10 to 12 of these estimates every week.

What could you do with more equity than you thought? Here are a few possibilities:

Home Improvements. Use your equity to add an addition, finish your basement, or take out a home equity loan for other projects you’ve been dreaming about.

Buying a New Home. You could use the equity to trade up for a larger home or downsize to a different property that better suits your current needs.

To get started, contact us at for an appraisal by a certified appraiser or a free home value estimate. We also offer an automated free home value estimate through our website to help you take the next step.