Strickler Agency has been serving their clients for nearly a century.

I’m back with another Brand Ambassador Spotlight. This time, I’m joined by Erik Olsen of Strickler Agency to learn about what they do here in the Carlisle and South-Central PA community.

Strickler Agency was started in 1925 down in Chambersburg. Erik came to Strickler about 20 years ago after working in the insurance industry and reaching a point where he was tired of telling clients he couldn’t help them because the company he works for didn’t have the right products. That’s when he found Strickler, who did have the right products, and the rest is history.

“Their core clients come from all around the area.”

The agency is divided into four departments. The commercial department sells your typical business insurance, property, auto, liability, etc. There’s also a personal department that does coverage for homeowners, renters, and auto owners. The ag department services anything from a small farm owner’s policy to large agricultural risks and crop insurance. Finally, the rapidly growing employee benefits department sells group health and other related employee benefit products.

Stickler Agency’s core clients come from the local area. They like to be able to service what they sell, so they have clients in South Central PA, Maryland, Virginia, and primarily the 81 corridor.

The most common question Erik hears from his clients is, “Do I have enough coverage?” He likes to sit down with them, identify risks and exposure, and see what he can do to help them out.

If you want to learn more about Strickler Agency, give them a call at (717) 243-2921 or (800) 503-8908. You can also visit them online at