Shining my Business Spotlight on the Tuckey Companies and all they do.

Today I’m so excited to sit down with Matt and Nathan Tuckey from the Tuckey Companies, a multigenerational, family-owned local business. They do many different things, so for today’s Business Spotlight, I thought it would be good to have a conversation with them to learn more about their services and how they’ve impacted the community.

The Tuckey Companies is actually a family of three different companies: Tuckey Mechanical Services, Tuckey Restoration, and Tuckey Metal Fabrication. They all operate with a shared focus on serving their neighbors and neighborhoods and have done so since 1986.

“Whether it’s commercial or residential, if you have an issue with your property, just give Tuckey a call.”

They offer a wide scope of services, but they have deep roots in the construction industry. If it’s not something that they’re uniquely positioned to do, they can also act as a resource to connect you with someone who can. Whether it’s commercial or residential, if you have an issue with your property, just give Tuckey a call—I’ve found that 99% of the time, they can help in some way.

Though the past year has been challenging, they’ve worked hard to assemble a locally-focused team that is proud to serve the south-central Pennsylvania area. In the coming year, they’re excited to implement some new back-end systems that will enhance their customers’ experiences by streamlining the clarity of their communication. Systems are something I’m passionate about—if you’re willing to invest resources, time, and money into great systems, you can enrich your client relationships and keep them better informed than you would otherwise.

If you need to contact the Tuckey Companies, give them a call anytime at (717) 249-3733 or visit their website at As it’s almost springtime, it’s a great time to get your air conditioning units serviced; if you call them to schedule an appointment within the next few months and mention that you saw this video, you’ll be given 25% off your first preventative maintenance visit for 2022. As always, if you have questions for my team about anything real-estate related, please call us at 717-216-0860 or email at We look forward to hearing from you.