Here’s how our year of activity generally works in the real estate market.

What are the hottest real estate months in the south-central Pennsylvania market? 

According to all the statistics, in a usual fiscal year, April, May, and June are when the highest percentage of properties go under contract. We commonly see a midsummer lull around July because kids are out of school and people are in “vacation mode.” Then we see activity ramp up between September and November; it’s our second-hottest market time of the year. Between the winter holidays and March, we have the winter lull when activity slows quite a bit.

“Knowing this information could be helpful if you’re planning a move.”

It isn’t exactly the same every year because of elections, the federal Reserve changing interest rates, the pandemic, and more. If you’re watching the market, you need to keep an eye on large events such as these that can alter things. Knowing this information could be helpful if you’re planning a move. 

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