Our new Brand Ambassador Program intends to bring together local independent businesses and give back to the community, and you can help.

Today I’m excited to show you the first video of our Brand Ambassador Program series. 

The Brand Ambassador Program is a powerful marketing system whose goal is to partner with small businesses within the Carlisle/Cumberland County area to magnify their brands. By partnering up, these businesses get to tap into a marketing system that took 17 years to build. 

The more this program grows in partnerships, the more it can give back to the community. If you follow along in the video above, you’ll meet the team that’s working to make this program come to life, including:

  • Sinjin Martin, listing specialist
  • Brittany Shakespeare, buyer specialist
  • Jennakah Cloward, operations director
  • Cindy Crossley, buyer’s agent 
  • Drue Richmond, sales director
  • Karen Agar, licensed executive assistant

After that, you’ll hear my backstory of how I got into real estate and how this program got started. 

After building up a successful career, I realized once I hit my 30s that I lost my purpose. I was working seven days a week without any time for my family. I was successful on the outside, but what I felt on the inside was a different story. 

That’s when my wife and I decided that I would either quit real estate or do things differently. I chose to start a real estate team made up of agents who would work toward a common purpose. By working together, we’d not only be more prosperous in real estate, but we’d also have more time to ourselves and be able to give back to the community through Project Lamplight.

“You can help the Brand Ambassador Program flourish by sharing this content with your friends on social media.”

Now, we intend to replicate the success of building this team and fulfilling its mission by incorporating Carlisle and Cumberland County as a whole. 

We appreciate your support, and you can help the Brand Ambassador Program flourish by sharing this content with your friends on social media. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Talk to you soon!