Today I’m joined by Cindy Crossley, a Realtor who’s been on our team since January 2019, to talk about how switching to our team made a difference in her life and career.

Cindy Crossley got her Realtor’s license in March of 2018. When she started, it was challenging. She’d always thought of a “team” as a group of people helping and supporting each other. However, that’s not exactly what happened. She felt like she was her own agent, even though she was on a team and she struggled. In 2018, she closed only two deals.

When she saw one of The Dave Hooke Team’s ads, she decided to give us a call. After our four-step interview process, Cindy began her transition to our team in January of 2019.

“Cindy closed out her 22nd transaction just nine months after starting on our team.”

The difference between her first team and ours was stark. Here, she found a support system that allowed her to ask questions and receive guidance from her team members. That helped her to grow as a Realtor.

In the United States, the average agent closes five to seven transactions per year. The night before shooting this video, however, Cindy closed out her 22nd transaction—that’s after just nine months in production on our team!

All the credit for Cindy’s success goes to Cindy herself. Back when she started earlier this year, I remember her asking many questions about whether she was doing something right. She was, and the trick to her continued success was simply to keep up the good work.

However, like in all careers, Cindy still has her struggles. One of them, she says, is maintaining a work-life balance along with managing her clients and her compensation when things get super busy.

Those are just natural extensions of the job. The positive energy she maintains and the smiles on her teammates’ faces help to keep her going. Each morning, we do positive affirmations that set the tone for the rest of the day.

If you know anybody in the real estate industry who would appreciate working in our positive environment or someone who doesn’t currently work in real estate but might like the opportunity to explore it as a career path, we would love to hear from you. There’s no question we’ll think is silly! Just reach out to us here at the Dave Hooke Team and we’ll have a conversation about possibly making the switch to our team.