There are certain things that homebuyers hate to see when touring a home. Here are six of them.

Today we’re going to be discussing six homebuyer turnoffs that home sellers should be aware of in today’s market:

1. Damp or wet patches. Studies show that 70% of homebuyers are put off by this. If you have any dampness anywhere in the home, make sure you get it fixed right away.

2. Odor. 56% of homebuyers said they are turned off by any indication of odors from pets, dampness, smoke, or anything in between.

3. Dull light or darkness. 54% of buyers say that this is unattractive when viewing a home. Open up those blinds, let the sunlight shine through, and make your home look more attractive.

4. Clutter. 15% of buyers are disappointed by any sort of clutter in a room. Do a deep cleaning and decluttering of your property before you list it.

“70% of homebuyers are put off by wetness and dampness in homes.”

5. Outdated bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important rooms to homebuyers, and 25% of them find an outdated bathroom to be unappealing.

6. Over-the-top decor. While home staging is important, it’s not necessary to overdo it. 

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