Our latest brand ambassador highlight is of The Tuckey Companies, a great local maintenance company.

Today I’m providing another brand ambassador local business highlight! I’m here with The Tuckey Companies’ Matt and Nathan Tuckey to learn all about their maintenance business serving South Central Pennsylvania. 

Matt, why did you start the business?

Our business began in 1968 with my grandfather, and his motivation was to have a business that served his neighbors and neighborhood well. Our business has grown since then, but that’s still the driving incentive of what we do. 

Nathan, what are the main products and services that you sell?

We do a lot, but generally, we’re in construction and manufacturing. Some specific trades we’re involved with are HVAC, electrical, plumbing, restoration and remodeling, and metal fabrication. It includes just about anything related to maintenance, be it residential or commercial. Our tagline is “If you don’t know who to call, call Tuckey.” 

Matt, who is your main customer base?

It’s very diverse, we have a wide scope of customers. On any given day we could be serving a contractor on a large HVAC project, and at the same time have a crew doing a small drywall patch in a customer’s home.

“If you don’t know who to call, call Tuckey!”

What’s the No. 1 question you guys get asked by customers? 

We often hear “You do that?” or “You would do that?” For example, there’s a misconception out there that we’ll help with huge commercial buildings but not help with your leaky faucet. We do both. When you ask “Would you really do that?” The answer is most likely “yes!” 

What’s the best way for someone to get in touch with you?

You can get information on our website at www.tuckey.com or you can call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (717) 249-1535. Someone will always be answering that line to help you. 

Are there any incentives you offer that people can take advantage of right now? 

We consistently have different things going on throughout the year, so always ask when you get in touch with us. At the moment, for those listening or reading this brand ambassador message, we’re offering $25 off your first preventative maintenance visit. This can be on your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and so on. 

We truly appreciate that! If you or someone you know needs some attention on a system in their home or business, take advantage of this offer. We’re glad Matt and Nathan could join us today.

If you ever have any questions concerning real estate, please reach out to me via phone or email. I would love to help you.