Three of the main benefits you’ll see from choosing to downsize.

What are the three benefits of downsizing? I want to answer this question because so many Americans are at a point in their lives where they’re looking to downsize. I have family members who are primed to downsize, and I think these three things would benefit them as well:

1. More money. They can take advantage of the equity they’ve built up in their homes and have less to take care of, which equates to more money at the end of the year.

2. More time. This is the most common reason for downsizing that I hear about. People want more time to visit family and travel. Doing things they’ve always wanted to do is easier when they have a smaller home and less to maintain.

3. Increased efficiency. You can make your carbon footprint smaller and decrease utility bills. A smaller, more efficient home is a great reason to think about downsizing.

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