Salim of Koala Insulation discusses their creative insulation solutions.

For today’s brand ambassador program, we are joined by Salim, a representative from Koala Insulation. Their company specializes in providing comprehensive insulation solutions for both homes and commercial properties. He will be delving into the world of insulation, its significance for comfort and energy efficiency, and how Koala Insulation is making a positive impact on homes and communities. Join us as Salim shares his expertise and passion for creating more comfortable and eco-friendly living spaces through effective insulation practices.

Feel free to watch the full interview or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

0:27 — Salim introduces himself and what Koala Insulation does

1:09 — The No. 1 question customers ask

1:47 — What he’s most proud of in the last year

2:36 — The future of their business

3:13 — How to get in touch with them

3:50 — A special offer 

4:27 — Wrapping up

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