It’s time to get to know another staple of our Carlisle community: Cohick & Associates.

Financial firm Cohick & Associates has been a staple of our Carlisle community for over 30 years, and in today’s Brand Ambassador video, I’m sitting down with operating partners Jeff Cohick and Chris Farrands to learn their story. 

Cohick & Associates offers tax, payroll, and bookkeeping services to individuals and small businesses. The story of their inception starts all the way back when Jeff got a job working in a grocery store when he was 15. The owner let him do payroll when he was on vacation, and eventually, he decided he wanted to have his own business. 

They started with one employee, but now they have 25. To put that into further perspective, they began doing about 100 tax returns per year, but last year, they handled 1,800. 

As we know, all business owners face challenges that sometimes keep them up at night, and according to Chris, one of the main challenges of working in the tax world is the work itself. Their busy season is coming up, so at times, what keeps them up at night is just staying in the office after hours. Staffing and time are two other challenges they face.

“They started with one employee, but now they have 25.”

What are they most excited about in this business in the next three to five years?

Chris: “With our business, we’re always able to help people, which I love to do. I get to meet new people, hear their stories and find out a little bit about them and their business.”

Jeff: “Just to keep serving the community here and providing services to more and more clients every year.”

So whether it’s tax, bookkeeping, or payroll services, Cohick & Associates is here to help. If you have any questions for them or would like a free consultation, give them a call at (717) 249-5321. 

As always, if you have any questions about real estate or have an idea for a future Brand Ambassador video, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’d love to speak with you!