Today we’re interviewing one of our great Realtors, Sinjin.

Today we’re Interviewing Sinjin, one of our wonderful Realtors. Sinjin has been on the team for a little over a year. Here’s what he had to say about his experience working with us:

“Before coming onto the team I was an independent agent for three and a half years. It was rough some days and great on others. However, I wasn’t getting what I needed out of it. Fortunately, I was born and raised in this area so I was able to work with some family and friends and did generally good business. At the same time, I knew there was more out there.

Now that I’ve been on the team for a year, it’s been a 180-degree difference. Things I would see on paper that I didn’t think were achievable are now happening. Before, I always had goals but never wrote them down. Goals without plans are just hallucinations. It was great to finally come work somewhere where someone sat down with me to discuss my strengths and weaknesses and put them down on paper. It certainly helps. 

Having people that are supporting you in your corner is monumental. The energy the team brings and coming in and working with like-minded people is a wonderful environment to be in. I’m glad to say my production has gone up since coming here.”

Sinjin has hustle and shows up every day with a smile on his face. One of our core values is positivity and optimism. He emanates this energy where if I’m having a bad day, he lifts me up.

“Things I would see on paper that I didn’t think were achievable are now happening.”

“One thing I enjoy here is that my voice and feedback are heard. Something I struggle the most with right now is that I want to do the best I can for everyone. However, the truth is that sometimes in our business, situations come up where you occasionally have bad news to convey. The toughest part of my job is understanding that not every day will be pleasant. You have to find the silver lining with the bad things sometimes. 

What I appreciate most about being on this team is that we are continually changing, we’re a dynamic force. I love that we’re like a small family, we’re solid at the core, and we do things outside of work together. The family environment is huge for me. You spend a large portion of your life at work, so it’s critical to be with people that you love and respect.”

If you know someone who’s thinking about real estate, licensed or not, who is looking for something more consistent or a different environment, we would love to hear from you. If you have any interest, please contact us by phone or email.