For the latest Brand Ambassador business spotlight, I’m speaking to Doug Denlinger from LifeGuide Financial Advisors to learn more about how he helps foster his clients’ financial success.

Managing finances can be difficult and even overwhelming. As he was building up his firm, LifeGuide Financial Advisors, today’s brand ambassador Doug Denlinger strove to take out the hassle and confusion from his clients’ finances. 

To do that, he helps to align their money, time, platform, and skills with what matters most to them so they can live the life they want. Their services fall into two categories:

1. Comprehensive life planning. Doug and his team can help you assess where you currently are and what you feel you’re called to do, and then chart a course to get there.

2. Comprehensive wealth management. Once they create a plan, they help manage their client’s finances along the way. If their clients are the CEOs of their family, then the LifeGuide Financial Advisors are the CFOs. They help people make good decisions and avoid bad ones, essentially becoming an extension of their customer’s household to allow them to focus on living their lives to the fullest.

LifeGuide has a broad spectrum of clients here in Central Pennsylvania, serving over 600 families that range from those beginning their wealth-management process to those who have a multimillion-dollar net worth.

“LifeGuide Financial Advisors is a registered investment advisor that offers holistic financial and investment advice to serve as a guidepost for you to plan out your life.”

If you’d like to get professional advice from the LifeGuide Financial advisors, visit or give their Client Amazement Specialist Brittany a call at (717) 796-1700 to set up a free, no-obligation financial consultation.

To ensure that they’re offering the value they promise, they’ll make a $50 donation to a charity of your choice when you set up an introductory appointment.

If you have any questions about this topic or recommendations for our Brand Ambassador Program, reach out to the Dave Hooke Team anytime. We’d love to hear from you.

*LifeGuide Financial Advisors is a registered investment advisor.