Highlighting Serafin Family Dentistry and a few of their great qualities.

In today’s edition of our brand ambassador program, we are highlighting Serafin Family Dentistry. My team and I have gone to them for a long time, so we’re here to help you learn a little more about their business. 

They are a husband and wife team with a general dentistry practice in Carlisle. They love getting to take care of patients of all ages. They can help you learn what’s best for your teeth and how to keep them nicer for longer. For example, as my work life got stressful, they let me know that I was grinding my teeth and helped me keep my smile nice still. 

They are extremely proud of their time and how they have persevered through the recent pandemic. They take great care of their patients and plan on working hard to continue this level of care. They’ve also recently added some new technology and learned new strategies to streamline their practice. They want appointments to be as comfortable and pleasant for their patients as possible. 

You can call them at (717) 243-3335 or visit their website, SerafinFamilyDentistry.com. When you schedule your first appointment, don’t forget to say who referred you so you can earn credit.

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