In the latest edition of our Brand Ambassador program, we’re featuring Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy—a business that truly supports our community.

In the latest installment of our Brand Ambassador series, we’re featuring Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy. At Cardin & Miller, the staff has a passion for helping people ages 35 and older return to doing what they want, need, and love to do in life. The core philosophy of their business is helping clients achieve a higher quality of life without the use of shots, pain medication, or surgery.

As one of their many patients, I can say this great local business deserves high praise. Its two owners, Brian Cardin and Steve Miller, have come a long way since first starting the business 14 years ago, and I can’t wait for you to hear their story. 

Brian and Steve met while completing their undergraduate degrees about 20 years ago. They worked in separate parts of the healthcare industry for a while before deciding to open up their own practice together—Cardin & Miller PT. They enjoy helping people get back on their feet—literally—so much that they also operate a shoe store out of their office with options specifically designed for arch support and pain relief. 

The increasing number of people they noticed benefiting from their services opened the door for them to integrate a medical wellness component. As Brian describes it, this “kind of closed the whole circle to where we’re helping people get out of pain, get them into the equipment they need, and finally offer them an opportunity to stay well over their lifetime.” Now, 14 years after opening their doors, they’ve expanded to three office locations: one in Harrisburg, another in Mechanicsburg, and a third in Carlisle, along with their Carlisle-based shoe store called Appalachian Running Company. 

“At Cardin & Miller, the staff has a passion for helping people ages 35 and older return to doing what they want, need, and love to do in life.”

When asked what they’re most excited about for the future, the pair say their excitement is building over the rollout of some new technological tools that will facilitate better communication with present and past clients, while also allowing them to reach new people. They have a simple message they want to spread to a larger audience: “We want to help people move better, feel better, and live better.”  

Not only are Steve, Brian, and the rest of the Cardin & Miller PT staff helping me recover from some shoulder issues I’ve had, but they’ve also contributed to creating a better quality of life for my friends, family, and our real estate team’s videographer! 

There you have it: Another local business that’s making a huge difference in the lives of so many members of our local community. We’re very grateful Steve Miller and Brian Cardin took some time to sit down and share their story with us. It was a privilege to make them our latest Brand Ambassador feature.  

If you have any questions or would like more information about Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy and their services, please visit their website at For a free personal screening, give them a call at 717-245-0400 today! For all your real estate questions or needs, please reach out to me as well. And thanks for tuning in!