IMA Medical Supply is the most complete medical supplier in the whole south-central Pennsylvania area.

Founder Richard Gobin started IMA Medical Supply because he felt very strongly that there was a need for durable medical equipment in the south-central Pennsylvania area.

They service all types of equipment, whether the equipment was sold by them or purchased elsewhere. This isn’t a service that was readily available before, and it’s even conveniently located next to the Regional Hospital for customers.

Though many of their products are widely sought, supply hosiery and walking aids like rollators are among the most popular. They also offer complete hospital beds and all manner of items needed in the sickroom. Whether you need canes, crutches, wheelchairs, or stand-up motorized recliner chairs, IMA has it.

They don’t just offer items for the elderly—they cater to the young as well. Injured student-athletes frequently visit IMA to get what they need.

“IMA Medical Supply has turned customer service into a true art form.”

People often ask if their services are covered under insurance or Medicare. They have an on-staff expert who does her best to keep each client or their family updated regarding what is and is not covered by insurance. If someone has an issue with a piece of equipment, IMA also has a service technician that will come out and fix the item for you.

IMA is there for the sole purpose of providing critical services not just to patients, but also to their families. They always look to understand your needs and take care of you. Frequently, many of their customers are in the dark about where to turn if they have medical needs, so Richard is very proud that his company has turned customer service into a true art form.

If you’d like to learn more about the wide range of services and products offered by IMA Medical supply, visit their website at

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