Today I’m introducing Jennakah, our operations director.

We’re here with Jennakah Cloward, who has been on the team for a long time. She’s really grown in her roles and progressed from an administrative assistant to a transaction coordinator, and now she’s in a leadership position as our operations director. 

What is Jennakah’s favorite thing about working on the team? “One of my favorite things is that I’m challenged every day. We have tons of people on our team and they’re all different. It’s enjoyable for me to learn how to do things better, to make our clients happy, and I love enriching the lives of our team and helping them be the best they can be.”

In fact, one of our core dedications here is to enrich lives, so we’re always looking to improve. 

What is Jennakah’s biggest challenge? “Every day it’s a challenge to help our clients and make their transition through the real estate process as smooth as possible. I’m always trying to find better ways to make them happier and take care of them.” She works hard at this every day, and it’s one of the things I truly appreciate about her.

“We have tons of people on our team and they’re all different.”

Jennakah’s main role as operations director is client care, so she’s in charge of client delight and finding innovative ways to raise the bar in how we satisfy our clients. She has been a blessing to our team!

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