How did Musser Home Builders become one of the premier construction companies in South Central Pennsylvania? Find out today.

This video was filmed safely in early March, prior to any stay-at-home mandates.

Musser Home Builders is one of the highest quality home builders in South Central Pennsylvania, and in today’s Brand Ambassador spotlight, I’m interviewing owner Jeff Musser to learn more about this company and retrace his journey as a business leader in our community. 

As a custom design/build firm, Musser Home Builders designs and builds anything that needs to be done to your home. Jeff’s father started the company in 1972, and when he was still young, Jeff started working with him during the summers. In January of 1988, they became partners, and Jeff bought out his father’s share of the company in 1993. They’ve been growing ever since.

“They build better today than they did 10 years ago, and Jeff is confident that they’ll build better 10 years from now than they do today.”

As far as the challenges of being a business owner go, Jeff doesn’t worry about the construction aspect as much as he does the relationships of the people with which his team works. They take great care to build deep relationships with their trade contractors, vendors, customers, and employees. 

“We build stuff, but if we don’t build into people, what we build doesn’t mean a whole lot,” Jeff says. 

As Jeff puts it, Musser Home Builders is blessed with phenomenal customers, so in looking toward the future, they’re most excited about continuing to do what they do—only at a higher level. This industry changes frequently, and they stay on the cutting edge of it. They build better today than they did 10 years ago, and Jeff is confident that they’ll build better 10 years from now than they do today. 

According to Jeff, if you were to talk to their customers, they would say they’re most known for their attention to detail, quality, and building high-performing homes. They also think outside the box and do their own design work, which makes them unique. They design everything specifically to their clients’ tastes, goals, and lifestyle. 

If someone is thinking of hiring Musser Home Builders to build them a new home or modify their existing one, their first step would be to meet with them in their design studio and talk—not about what you want to build, but what your goals are. If it’s decided that they’d be a good fit to help you accomplish your goals, only then do they get into more details. 

If you’re interested in building a new home and would like to reach out to Musser Home Builders, you can check out their website

As always, reach out to us anytime with real estate questions or concerns, and stay tuned for the next Brand Ambassador spotlight!