United Way can help you give back to our community. Here’s how.

For today’s video, I couldn’t be more excited to be at the United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County and sitting down with Pat Bartoli and Adam Schaffer, co-chairs of the 2020-21 fundraising campaign. 

What does United Way do and why is it so important to the greater Carlisle area? In Adam’s words, United Way addresses a lot of issues in our community—specifically, those that deal with the health, education, and financial stability of families. They’re also a handy gateway for people who don’t know where to donate funds but want to help their community. You can donate at United Way, and they then vet 38 partner programs and 24 partner agencies to distribute those funds to. 

According to Pat, this year’s campaign has been vastly different than those of years past because they’ve had to pivot from a traditional campaign to a more digital one. To get their message out there, they’re utilizing social media and shooting videos just like this one. They have a couple of videos out already, and you can expect to see a couple more from them before 2020 is over. 

If there’s one thing that typifies the generosity in our community, it’s United Way’s 100% Guarantee. Keen Transport, Allen Distribution, and M&T Bank sponsor this guarantee by paying all of United Way’s administrative costs so that 100% of the funds donated to them go directly to their partner programs and agencies.

“To get their message out there, they’re utilizing social media and shooting videos just like this one.”

If you care about the wonderful organizations in our community, a key thing you can do is like, comment on, or share this video with your friends on social media. Then, the most important thing you can do is use the following contact information to donate your time and resources to United Way

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