Rob Kole: Merging insurance innovation with community commitment.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Kole from The Kole Group, a company overseeing two significant ventures: Benefit Connections and Insurance Connections. Rob shared insights about his companies and their unique approach to insurance, emphasizing making it easy, understandable, and affordable for clients.

One common question Rob often address is how to help individuals nearing retirement afford individual medical policies. The Kole Group’s approach is to simplify the complex landscape of insurance by guiding clients to suitable, affordable options and ensuring they feel secure and well-informed.

Looking back at 2023, Rob expressed pride not in business achievements but in his employees’ community involvement. The Kole Group encourages its team to serve on nonprofit boards and participate in community initiatives like Project Share and Community Aid. This focus on community engagement sets them apart from national brands and cements their role as an integral part of the local community.

As for the future, Rob is excited about increasing their community contributions. Drawing inspiration from Project Lamp Light, The Kole Group aims to start a foundation to channel profits into community support. This initiative reflects Rob’s belief in the importance of giving back to the community that supports small businesses.

“Rob expressed pride not in business achievements but in his employees’ community involvement.”

For those interested in insurance or benefit connection services, Rob welcomes inquiries through their website (, by phone (717-258-5599), or by visiting their office on Escape Drive – just look for the palm trees! They offer no-cost evaluations, embodying their commitment to serving the community and their clients.

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