What is the brand ambassador program, and why are we participating in it? Find out right here.

About eight years ago, I almost quit the real estate industry. I was getting burnt out; I felt like I was juggling too many balls by myself. We decided to form a real estate team that essentially takes independent contractors and helps them converge to a common mission, marketing strategy, and brand, allowing them to share information amongst each other, and to go further and faster than they would separately.

We wrapped that concept around a nonprofit called Project Lamplight, which allowed us to take money we made through our business and give back to our community. Through this effort, we can help random needs in the community anonymously, and in the span of four or five years, our real estate team has seen around a 400% or 500% growth.  We’ve been able to give more than $100,000 through Project Lamplight.

Now that we’ve seen that kind of growth and we realize what a real team can do, it’s become a passion of mine to see if we can replicate that in the community. The brand ambassador program is our attempt to do just that.

“Think of it as a collective of community business owners who, as we grow more prosperous, can give money back to the community.”

In the program, we visit business owners all throughout the Cumberland Valley. Knowing how difficult business can be, I want to learn from those owners and ask them if they have any interest in partnering with me, along with our brand and the community.

See, my real estate company is a bit of a marketing business; since we market homes for sale all the time (in addition to a number of other things), it would be pretty easy for us to partner with different business owners to allow them to share presence on our marketing materials.

Through the brand ambassador program, these business owners would also be able to attend masterminds throughout the year so that we can share information with other businesses, helping them grow theirs as we grow ours. Think of it as a collective of community business owners who, as we grow more prosperous, can give money back to the community.

My intention is to share this journey with you over the course of the next year. In future videos, you’ll be able to see me meet with business owners to discuss how they’re doing, what their struggles are, and to help them do better by magnifying their brands.

If you or someone you know has a strong reputation in the community and might benefit from this program, please reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.