For today’s agent spotlight, we’re featuring Brittany Guiles, who’ll tell us a little bit about her life and career before and after joining our team.

Today I have another agent spotlight to share with you. This time, we’re featuring Brittany Guiles. Brittany joined our team about a year ago, and since then, her life and career have changed dramatically for the better. 

Follow along in the video above to hear her full story. I’ve provided timestamps so you can skip ahead to various sections at your convenience: 

0:31—What Brittany’s life and career looked like before joining our team 
1:56—What led her to join our team 
2:33—What her life and career look like today 
3:47—What she struggles with most 
4:36—What she appreciates most about our team environment 
5:25—Wrapping things up 

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