John Towne of Christian Companion Senior Care talks about his business.

As part of our Brand Ambassador program, I had the pleasure of meeting with John Towne of Christian Companion Senior Care. This wonderful business provides in-home, non-medical care for seniors in our community.

The number one question that John is asked during the post-COVID era is whether or not they have the availability to help. In every case, they’ll get you or your loved one a free assessment to find out what their needs are, and they’ll get to the business of finding a way to help. In cases where they can’t accommodate that need, they’ll start finding someone who can. They are always looking for people to join their team.

Their consultations are always free; their only concern is meeting with you and finding out what your needs are. If you or a loved one needs non-medical care, please reach out and give them a call at (717) 249-1700. Also, consider calling them for a great employment opportunity, as they are a fantastic, local, family-owned business. Tell them that Dave Hooke sent you. As always, call me at 717-216-0860 or email with any questions. Click here to get all of our latest community and listing updates: I look forward to hearing from you!