Here are the five steps for simultaneous buying and selling.

There are a lot of people out there who’d like to make a move, take advantage of today’s interest rates, and get top dollar for their homes. However, they’re not sure what to do first because they need to buy and sell at the same time. Here are the five essential steps to selling and buying a home simultaneously:

1. Choose the right agent with a proven track record for doing that type of thing.

2. Choose a great mortgage professional who can give you financial peace of mind and guide on your next steps.

3. Get a bridge loan. Make the purchase and move into the property, and then sell your old home and pay off the bridge loan.

“Many people aren’t sure what to do if they need to sell and buy simultaneously.”

4. Or list your property for sale. Your experienced real estate agent is going to put a contingency in your contract that says your home sale is contingent on you finding suitable housing. This will protect you from being homeless and let you find your dream home first, then sell your old home.

5. Or keep an eye out for a rental property. Put your home up for sale and move into the rental temporarily until we find your dream home.

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