IMA Medical Supply is here to fill all your medical equipment needs.

Today, as part of our Brand Ambassador program, we’re highlighting an incredible local business, IMA Medical Supply. 

It’s owned and operated by Richard Gobin, a 50-year community leader and role model for me. They offer special products and services that you can’t find anywhere else. In Richard’s own words, if you or a loved one has a medical condition or recently had surgery, IMA provides anything they can to make your life easier. 

That includes medical supplies, medical services, durable equipment, and more. They’re located just off Sprint Drive. You can come in and grab things like canes, rollators, wheelchairs, lift chairs, hospital beds, etc. 

The No. 1 thing they get asked is if they provide service and maintenance for medical equipment. The answer is yes. You can take your medical equipment into the store, or they can send a tech out to your home to help you there. 

If you’re recently impaired, there are two easy ways to get in touch with Richard: call 717-323-8240 or visit the IMA website. If you have any real estate questions, reach out to my team and me at 717-216-0860 or We’d love to help you.