Learn about A Brand New Leaf as part of our Brand Ambassador program.

As members of this fantastic community, we believe in the power of collaboration and doing business better together with local partners in the Greater Carlisle and Cumberland County areas. Today, we sit down with Justin Veecher, the driving force behind A Brand New Leaf, to delve into his story and explore the ins and outs of his landscaping business.

A Brand New Leaf specializes in a wide array of services, including mowing, mulching, maintenance, shrub trimming, planting, designing, and spring and fall cleanup. One common question they receive is about the best times for planting shrubs and trees. Justin advises that the optimal planting window is from October until March and April, emphasizing the importance of proper maintenance and watering, especially avoiding the scorching heat of summer.

In 2023, A Brand New Leaf faced many of the challenges that all small businesses encounter. Despite the hurdles, Justin takes pride in the growth achieved during the year. The company expanded by hiring three full-time employees, experiencing 15% growth, and earning the prestigious title of Best of Cumberland County for 2023.

“A Brand New Leaf stands as a testament to the resilience and success of local businesses in the Greater Carlisle area.”

Looking ahead to 2024, A Brand New Leaf is excited about the promising developments on the horizon. With big news in the pipeline, the company is geared up for further growth and an upward trajectory in the coming year.

Justin mentions that A Brand New Leaf provides seasonal incentives for potential clients. These incentives include free quotes, consultations for design assistance, and a commitment to delivering value without high-pressure tactics. The team at A Brand New Leaf is dedicated to interacting with the community and ensuring clients receive the care and information they need to plan their landscaping needs for the upcoming years.

Whether you’re in need of landscaping, lawn care, or snow removal services, A Brand New Leaf is ready to serve, providing value and expertise with a commitment to excellence. Contact them today at 717-701-0088 or visit ABrandNewLeaf.com for a seamless and informative experience.

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