John Towne founded Christian Companion after getting burnt out on the road in his previous career. We caught up with him to discuss the impact of that decision and how his new career is helping people all over town.

We’re back again with another Business Highlight for our Brand Ambassador program. Today we’re meeting with John Towne, the owner of Christian Companion. He has a team of 35 senior caretakers and is an incredible, faith-based business leader.

Christian Companion is an in-home, non-medical service provider for seniors. They help with daily living assistance for their clients so that they can stay in their own homes. They’ve taken great care of some of our family members in the past.

John got into the business after getting burnt out from being on the road for several hundred days a year in his previous career. He turned to the Lord in prayer to find out what he should be doing at this stage in his life. He was too young to retire and too old to start all over, so the answer to his prayer was found through Christian Companion.

Many small business owners have struggles that keep them up at night, but John doesn’t share them. Ever since he’s become a part of Christian Companion Senior Care, all of those things are in his rear-view mirror. The Lord has provided him with everything he needs when he needs it.

“The answer to John’s prayer was found through Christian Companion.”

John’s looking forward to who the Lord will bring to him to carry on this business after his retirement. He’s now 70 years old, still having a ball, and working every day to bring happiness to the lives of seniors.

If you have any questions for John and Christian Companion, give them a call at (717) 249-1700. Make sure you check out the full video above to get a peek at some of John’s (and my) basketball skills.

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