Explore how Christian Companion is revolutionizing in-home senior care.

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Trish from Christian Companion Senior Care. This fantastic business is a great benefit to the community, and I am thrilled to introduce them to you.

Christian Companion Senior Care provides non-medical, in-home care to seniors who want to stay in their own homes. That can be anything from help with doing the dishes, the laundry, cleaning up around the house, or even getting them to the doctor. They even help with personal care like showering and other necessities.

Christian Companion Senior Care is flexible with the amount of time that they can spend with the people they help. For those with relatively minimal care needs, Christian Companion can be there for as little as an hour a week.

“This fantastic business is a great benefit to the community.”

Trish is most proud of the way in which her company has changed recently. With founder John ready to retire, the company is growing and transitioning into a new era of service to seniors. With the struggles of COVID behind them, they are now sufficiently staffed with caregivers, allowing them to provide a quicker turnaround for people calling in.

For those curious about the services that Christian Companion Senior Care provides, feel free to reach out to them by visiting their website at www.ChristianSeniorCareNetwork.com.

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