Learn why finding a home is easier now than it was two years ago.

As a real estate professional, I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges posed by the housing shortage crisis in South Central Pennsylvania and across the United States. However, I’m excited to share that finding a home to buy has become easier now than two years ago, and there are two key reasons behind this positive shift.

Two years ago, just after the Covid outbreak, we were amidst the biggest housing shortage we’ve seen in a long time. Available homes in South Central PA, particularly in Cumberland County, were scarce, with active listings plummeting to 238. Fast forward to today, and we’re looking at a much-improved scenario with 435 available listings - an increase of about 200 listings compared to two years ago. While we’re still grappling with a housing shortage, the balanced market now boasts close to 800 listings in Cumberland County alone, offering homebuyers a broader range of options.

The second factor contributing to this ease in finding a home is the rise in new construction communities. These communities, now more than ever, offer vacant lots ready for building, although they may not yet have completed homes listed as active listings. This surge in new construction projects means there are additional opportunities for prospective buyers to explore and consider.

“This abundance of options empowers you to explore existing homes or consider building a new one based on your preferences and budget.”

So, what does this mean for you as a homebuyer? It means that the increase from 238 homes to 433 homes is not just a number - it represents a tangible increase in opportunities. When you factor in existing active listings alongside potential homes you could build on, the available inventory expands even further. This abundance of options empowers you to explore existing homes or consider building a new one based on your preferences and budget.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to make your move in the real estate market, now is an excellent time to take action. Consider scheduling a free home buyer consultation where we can manage your needs, preferences, and homeownership goals. During these consultations, we’ll focus entirely on you - educating you on the market, providing estimated closing costs, and helping you understand the available inventory.

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