Clem Boncal talks about what makes Quality Care Pharmacy stand out.

Our Brand Ambassador program features local businesses and their leaders, and today we’re interviewing Clem Boncal of Quality Care Pharmacy on Sprint Drive. 

The pharmacy is affiliated with hometown pharmacies, such as Holly Pharmacy, Big Spring Pharmacy, West Perry Pharmacy, and Adams Cumberland Pharmacy. They offer a variety of services, such as compounding, specialty medication formulations, compliance packaging, prescription processing, free local delivery, and more. They’re well-equipped to handle various customer inquiries, especially those related to cough and cold symptoms. The staff takes the time to understand each customer’s medical history and recommend the most appropriate products.

One of the things that sets Quality Care Pharmacy apart is its exceptional customer service. They’ve been recognized as the best in Cumberland County for several years, thanks in part to their staff, who treat patients like family. Customers are often greeted by their first name, which creates a welcoming atmosphere.

“Quality Care Pharmacy has been recognized as the best in Cumberland County for several years.”

In the coming years, Clem and his team are excited to improve their compounding services, pain management, and hormone therapy medications. They’re also committed to continuing their COVID vaccination efforts and maintaining strong community relationships. Throughout the pandemic, the pharmacy has remained resilient, with staff staying strong and committed to their work.

If you’re interested in connecting with Quality Care Pharmacy for personalized and friendly service, you can call them at (717) 249-5691 or visit their website at With a longstanding presence in the community, Quality Care Pharmacy is dedicated to treating their customers like family and ensuring excellent care for you and your loved ones.

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