Where do we rank among Pennsylvania’s best counties? Let’s just say we definitely don’t rank low.

The Movoto Real Estate blog has researched and compiled a ranked list of the best counties throughout Pennsylvania. Which one came out on top? Let’s find out.

Each county was scored through a number of criteria, including:

  • Cultural access
  • Historic landmarks
  • Colleges
  • Poverty rates
  • Income
  • Cost of living
  • Unemployment rates

These ratings combined would show us the most desirable place to live in Pennsylvania. And their findings show the No. 1 county is: our very own Cumberland County!

“The area is desirable but not impossible to afford.”

There are many reasons why Movoto.com chose us as the winners. Cumberland County is full of not only culture and history, but tons of colleges, historic landmarks, and festivals. The county has the fourth-lowest poverty rate in the state, sixth-lowest unemployment rate, fifth-highest income, and 10th-highest high school graduation rate. We also have the 11th-lowest commute time at 21 minutes.

With a median home price at an average of $183,000, the area is desirable but not impossible to afford. Nature lovers even have nearby access to both Pine Grove Furnace and Colonel Denning State Parks. There’s a lot going for us here.

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