My conversation with business owner John Towne about 2021 and the future.

Today, I’m here with John Towne of Christian Companion Senior Care. John’s a friend of mine, a staple in this community, and his business has taken incredible care of my family members and a lot of people we’ve referred his way.

Dave: It’s been a while since we last talked about your business. We’ve had a global pandemic. How have you navigated that, and how are you doing today?

John: We’ve done pretty well despite the pandemic. Our business is slightly down around 10%, but through it all, we’ve remained open and kept all of our schedules without missing a beat so it’s been very good for us and our clients.

Dave: What are you most excited about doing for the rest of this year?

John: Having the opportunity to grow and fulfill more people’s needs. We’ve had to turn business away for 10 months, but now it’s time to expand again.

“John is a local business owner and provides a great service to the community.”

Dave: I know you have lots of demand for your business. You have a lot of clients who are looking for a companion in their lives, and you are on the lookout for great people who are looking for a flexible work schedule. If there’s somebody out there that would like to set up a conversation and join your team to help people in the community that could use their care, how can they best reach you to set up that conversation?

John: The best way to reach me is our office phone at (717) 249-1700. You can also go on our website at

Dave: I understand you want to give a shout-out to another business in the community.

John: Yes, Brian Gobind of Quality Care Pharmacies is a fellow member of the Brand Ambassador program. He has done a terrific job of organizing and getting vaccinations spread across the county, and I think it’s a wonderful thing that he’s doing. It’s been very helpful to our business, clients, and the whole community.

Dave: John, thanks for being on with here with us today. John is a local business owner and provides a great service to the community. 

If you know somebody who could use care or is interested in working with a great, giving company in the community, give John a call. They’ll follow up and take great care of you, just like they have for me and many of my family members over the years. 

If you have any real estate questions, please feel free to contact me at (717) 216-0806 or I’d love to help you. Talk to you soon.