Answering the most common questions that property managers receive.

What does property management cost, and can you trust them to run your property the way you would? Today Cal Yoder from Waymark Property Management is here to answer these questions and share a little bit about what his company does to make property owners’ lives easier.

To answer the first question, the cost depends on the number of properties being managed, so the fee structure can vary between customers. However, the time that he gives back to the property owners is priceless. In his time as a property manager, Cal has learned that properties that utilize his company’s services tend to earn a higher return than properties without a manager. That’s because they’re typically managed more efficiently, which helps drive up demand for the property. After all, his goal is to help property owners build their wealth through real estate.

“The time that Cal’s services give back to you is priceless.”

Now when it comes to the second question of whether Waymark can manage a building to the specifications of the property’s owner, Cal’s answer is an unequivocal yes. He makes a point to respond to tenants professionally and to fix any issues quickly. Waymark has a great staff who all work together to make the process smooth and efficient.

If you’re thinking about hiring a property manager to oversee a property on your behalf, reach out to Cal at (717) 413-0744 or visit He’ll be happy to give you a free consultation, where you’ll learn more about what Waymark can do to help you get your life back.

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